Swarm Season is Upon Us

​Swarming started late this year due to the unseasonably cold weather.  We didn’t get anything in before the apple blooms disappeared but we’ve been pretty active since. So far we’ve gotten five swarm calls. We hope for more but we’re quickly running out of space. 

We’ve covered swarms from Webster to Waterport and many places in between. We even had a repeat location this year where we hope to install a swarm trap next year.
Many of this year’s swarms have been located twenty feet or more off the ground and have made their retrieval a bit difficult. Our last swarm was probably our easiest to date. If you look closely at the picture to the right, you can see the bees fanning the pheromone from the gland on their abdomen that alerts other bees to their location. They must have liked the home provided for them. II guess they know grey is in this year.
Unfortunately, I received a sting in my leg through my clothes which hasn’t turned out well. It appears as though I may be slightly allergic to honey bees. Looks like I’ll need better protective clothing from now on.

Hive Update

​Our inspections so far have shown our queens are laying well. The swarms have taken to their new hives and they’re nearly ready to be supered. They’re building up on black locust nectar and soon will be onto sumac. Hopefully we’ll get some of that superb black locust honey; I’ve heard it’s a real treat! Starting with drawn comb and a wealth of rainfall compared to last year, we’re looking forward to a large harvest this year.

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