Wood Shop


Quality in our Craftsmanship

Let’s face it, nobody makes them like they used to, that’s why we want to preserve and protect the intricate detail and quality materials used in antique items. The transformations these objects can undergo when their luster is restored is awe inspiring. Sometimes they bring back the memory of a loved one or of a time long passed, others it’s just the missing item that ties the room together, or maybe it’s the piece that provided inspiration. Whatever the case, we take pride in returning antiques to their glory days.
The grounds of Sandy Creek are covered with old trees some of which we unfortunately lose to wind storms, insects or age. We don’t let a little thing like that stop us from continuing their life. We will these logs up and put them to good use. Whether it’s live edge shelving, custom furniture pieces or laser engraved decor, if I can dream it, I’ll try to make it.


Standing the Tests of Time

The restoration of wood furniture and products is our specialty however, we can work with many different materials. Although our current selection is limited, we are constantly on the lookout for any pieces which may be a candidate for restoration. The materials used in many antiqued are difficult to find or too costly to produce, this is what makes antiques so wonderful.
When possible, our antiques are completely disassembled in order to properly refinish them. We remove rust, prime and re-coat metal components for a long lasting finish. Sometimes, the existing patina is too good to pass up. In those cases we neutralize the rust or rot and add a clear coat to preserve the item in existing condition.  

Everything you see on this page is also for sale. Contact us for information or to have your own designed!