Sandy Creek

Welcome to Sandy Creek

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Welcome to Sandy Creek

It started on a whim and has grown further than we ever could have imagined. This site is dedicated to all the activities at Sandy Creek including beekeeping, woodworking and even motorcycles. We hope you find something you can enjoy through our diverse interests. We certainly have!

Family is at the center of everything we do and you’ll find plenty of it all over this site. We believe in helping others and all proceeds from Sandy Creek Manor are donated to veteran charities.

Sandy Creek Warrior Ride

Suicide is a huge problem in the veteran community. Vets are 2 times more likely to commit suicide than those who never served and veterans account for 20% of all suicides. On average, 22 veterans each day commit suicide.

Spring is the time of year when suicide rates peak as a result of loneliness and a lack of quality family time. With the current pandemic, mandatory social distancing and layoffs, the suicide rate is the highest it’s been since the great depression. So far in 2020, the suicide rate is 55% higher than expected.

At Sandy Creek Manor, we want to help those who have given so much for their country. Please help us by making a donation to Mission 22 and help in the fight against veteran suicide.

Mission 22 is a US registered 501(c) charity. All donations go directly to Mission 22 and are not passed through an intermediary. 100% of the donations go towards counseling and memorials for veterans.

The Hives

Locally raised bees produce the best honey. Ours is never processed or heated. Single and bulk honey available


Custom orders

We can bottle honey for any occasion in any containers you wish!

Birthday, wedding, graduation, baby shower or just because, we would love to celebrate with you. We typically order our bottles through Burch Bottle and can work with you to select the proper container for your activity. Already found a container? Perfect! We can fill them all, big or small.
Pricing based on quantity and container

By the Pound

Raw Honey sizes

10 oz – $8, 16 oz – $12

Stinger Hot Honey sizes

6 oz – $7, 12 oz – $12

Honey is sold by weight

Bulk Honey

Bottle your own honey to resell
$5 per lb, minimum 25 lb order. Limited availability.

You can find our online store here.

The Manor House

The manor house dates back to 1910 in it’s current form but deed records show the original structure in place as far back at 1832.

On this page you’ll find information about the history of Sandy Creek Manor and the updates we;re undertaking.


While the history of the house may never change, nobody knows what the future will hold. As they say, the only constant is change and we’re doing a lot of that at Sandy Creek. This page showcases the updates we’ve made to the house over time.

Join us on our journey as we transform Sandy Creek Manor into our view of perfect.

Sandy Creek Cycle

Here is where we will display our love for motorcycles. I haven’t had the privilege of buying new, or even slightly used, so my motorcycles tend to need some repairs. I’ll showcase how-to videos, motorcycle and gear reviews along and some motovlogs. I’m not picky about types of motorcycles, as long as it’s got two wheels, I want to ride it.

Antiques and Woodworking

Wood is a living medium with soft, inviting tones to complement any theme. Easy to shape and size with an endless variety of colors and grain patterns, finely crafted pieces will be enjoyed for years to come. Throughout their lives, wood pieces endure all kinds of environments, some of which can be rather unkind. When this happens, I enjoy the time in refinishing and bringing it back to it’s original crisp appearance or capturing some of the ravages of time to remember the life of the piece for lifetimes to come.

This space is dedicated to my passion in woodworking and restoring antiques. You can see the build process for new pieces as well as the transformation for antiques that become part of our life.