The Art of Contrsuction


As with everything else we do at Sandy Creek Manor, family is at the center. It is vitally important that we pass on these skills to the next generation so they may enjoy the fruits of our labor and develop skills of their own to carry on our traditions. What could be more fulfilling than using the piece you helped create day in and day out or filling the needs of someone else. No problem is too large when your arsenal of knowledge contains the problem solving skills and artistry of woodworking.


Perhaps the best part of being able to work with your hands is taking something nonfunctional and undesirable and turning it into your dream space. 
We take these awkward spaces and rehabilitate them to return them to a look more fitting the time period the home represents. These spaces are gutted to the studs when necessary to ensure everything is done right. All old or faulty installations are removed and any modern touches are seamlessly transitioned into the design to add an element of convenience.