Independence Day Update

The swarms keep coming. It seems even honeybees want to celebrate their independence by leaving the hive to practice their version of manifest destiny. This may have been the easiest swarm we have caught to date. We simply clipped the thin, head height branch and took them away. At Sandy Creek Manor, we’re out of available hives so we decided to donate this swarm to another local beekeeper.

We’re almost finished with the cherry tree that fell during the wind storm. Another five feet were collected from the tree and all that remains is a stump from which we’re not likely able to get any boards. We also milled a poplar tree from our grounds. The longer section is 9’4” and 18 inches wide, the shorter portion is 82 inches long and 13 inches wide. Unfortunately, poplar isn’t great for making boxes but we’ll make some interior décor pieces from it.


The Family
Of course, family plays a big part at Sandy Creek Manor and we’d never forget the children of Sandy Creek. We celebrated Ellie’s 4th birthday on Independence Day and were able to watch a wonderful fireworks display. Ellie received her very own motorcycle to match her daddy and two very special Princess Elsa dresses to play dress up with Alice.

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