Bustling With Activity

​Our bees aren’t the only ones working diligently this spring, Sandy Creek Manor is a flurry of activity, or, at least, attempted activity.
We begin with swarms. Swarms are the colonies method of reproducing more hives. A new queen is made for the existing colony and the old queen leaves with half the bees to start a new hive. At Sandy Creek, we offer removal of swarms to ensure they do not take up residence in areas such as people’s homes, sheds or barns and ensure the bees are not killed by exterminators. We have received multiple calls this year, some rather difficult to collect. 

Sandy Creek Manor Timber

​In a previous post, we mentioned the wind storms that ravaged upstate New York and some of our trees which were casualties of the storm. Well now we come to the silver lining, timber! We unfortunately lost a rather old cherry tree to the storms. On the plus side, the tree was rather straight. Enter the mill, now we’ll wait 2 years for some air dried lumber with beautiful color.

​The cherry was not the only tree to fall to the storms; we have several lengths of oak ready for the mill. Unfortunately, the trek across the property is not without peril. Burdened with the weight of the immense logs, the trailer and subsequently tractor got stuck in the mud. After attempting retrieval of the tractor, the truck too ended up bogged down in the mud. Fortunately, all vehicles were freed but not in time to mill the logs yet.

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