Sandy Creek Warrior Ride

The Ride

Sandy Creek Warrior Ride is a 2,881 mile road trip from Redmond OR to Rochester, NY to raise money for Mission 22, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to combating veteran suicide.

On average, 22 veterans are lost to suicide every day, Mission 22 wishes to drive that number to zero through treatment, memorials and national awareness campaigns. This trip includes events along the way to for people to come out and support our cause and share their stories. 

As a veteran myself, I know the fight doesn’t stop when our service does. I enlisted in the Army on September 7th, 2001 and served for over 9 years including tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. The most import part of service was supporting the men and women fighting beside me. That sense of camaraderie never ends and I want to do all I can to help others survive their fight.

If you wish to participate in an event or help in any other way, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

To make a donation, please visit our Network For Good page.


Mission 22

Mission 22 is working to drive the number of veteran suicides to zero through awareness campaigns, memorials and treatment programs. There are numerous reasons attributed to veteran suicide including depression, survivor’s guilt, alcohol and substance abuse, traumatic brain injury and PTSD. Mission 22 offers treatment programs for these and other issues veterans may be facing. Mission 22 focuses their efforts on combat veterans and those injured during training.

  • 8,030 veterans commit suicide every year.
  • Veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide as civilians
  • 1 in every 5 suicides is a veteran

The board of directors for Mission 22 is headed by Special Forces and Infantry veterans familiar with the impact of combat. Their personal experiences with PTSD and TBI give them a unique understanding of the issues veterans face after their service as ended.

Event Locations

  • July 11 – Kickoff Event at Wildhorse Harley-Davidson, Bend, OR
  • July 12 – Kickoff ride setting off from Wildhorse Harley-Davidson Redmond, OR
  • July 14 – Rushmore Ride, Rapid City, SD
  • July 15 – Mavericks Meetup – Omaha, NE
  • July 16 – Cubs Crawl Meetup – Streator, IL
  • July 17 – O-H-I-O Ride – Shelby, OH
  • July 18 – Finish Line Ride – Rochester, NY

The Route

The Full Route

The ride starts on route 97 out of Redmond. Immediately, the scenery is stunning as ridges and valleys are traversed on the way towards I-90. In order to complete this trip in a timely manner, interstates will be used between stops for rides and meetups. The route continues along I-90 through northern Idaho and across Montanan where I’m hoping to stop in Butte or Bozeman for the night. The next day it’s onto South Dakota to the next ride in Rapid City.

July 12-13

On Tuesday July 14, the plan is to ride the Black Hills National Forest and see Mount Rushmore. From there I’ll be heading through Badlands National Park. I considered heading from Rapid city to Omaha in one day but there’s just too much to see in South Dakota. After exhausting the scenery I’ll stop for the night before continuing on to Omaha, NE for a meetup Wednesday afternoon, July 15.

July 14-15

Thursday July 16 is a straight shot from Omaha to Streator. Nothing fancy here, just some hard and fast miles. Maybe I’ll take the long way through Missouri and arrive in Streator for our next meetup that afternoon.

July 16

Friday kicks off the home stretch with a ride to Shelby, OH. With a couple of different route choices, anything can happen. The only sure thing is an early arrival in Shelby for our penultimate event.

July 17

The event concludes on the trip from Shelby to Rochester. After 8 long and exciting days of riding, it’ll feel good to be home. Concluding this trip with hopefully the biggest event of all, the finish line! In total, this trip will cover 13 states and 2,900 miles. Truly a once in a lifetime trip.

July 18

The Bike

I’ll be riding my father’s 1998 Honda Valkyrie. The Valkyrie features a flat six cylinder engine pulled from the Goldwing. Undoubtedly a unique bike with chrome up to the eyeballs, This bike is a presence anywhere it goes. The sound and shear size make it an attraction anywhere it goes. The custom Air Force theme paint job is in honor of my brother, currently a major in the USAF. I guess, when given the choice between Army and Air Force, the choice was obvious. This also makes this bike unmistakable. If you see me on the road, I encourage you to stop by and chat, share your story or discuss how you can help veterans.