Harvest 2020


Hot Honey

We’ve completed our fall harvest. This year has been our biggest yet and along with that additional honey, we thought it was time to offer something new. Introducing Stinger Hot Honey! We understand not everyone can tolerate the same amount of heat but may still want to experience this unique sweet and spicy concoction. For that reason, we offer this in both mild and medium heat levels.

Our mild is made by infusing the honey with Habanero peppers. I know this sounds intimidating but he mild is very sweet with a slight touch of heat. Spicy food aficionados will be please with the taste and those adverse to heat will not be overcome by it.

Our medium, on the other hand, gets a more aggressive treatment. We infuse this honey with a mix of Ghost and Carolina Reaper peppers. This honey is no laughing matter. While it won’t leave you throwing in the towel, you will still be able to feel it for a few minutes after eating. This honey is similar in heat or slightly hotter than common, commercially available hot honey.

Stinger has not yet been tested for Scoville Heat Units but don’t be afraid to taste it and let us know where you think it ranks. We do have plans on making a hot but haven’t found the right mix of peppers (or tasters) yet.

Raw Honey

We haven’t forgotten about our faithful raw honey customers. We still have raw honey available. This year, we’re introducing a new size, a 10 oz bottle. Sure, what we had available before was good but we feel having our honey in both 10 oz and 16 oz bottles is the best strategy for the future. Both of these sizes can be found at the Brightly Farm Market in Hamlin at the corner of Drake and rt 18 or directly from us.

Candied Chilies

For those who think they can take the heat, we’ve decided to make a special treat. We kept the chili peppers used to make our hot honey and decided to candy them. These peppers have been given new life after infusing out honey and now they’re ready for those willing to risk the torture of a truly spicy challenge. These peppers have an initial sweetness which is quickly overpowered with an intense heat. Choosing the habaneros will leave you questioning your life choices. Trying the ghost/reaper mix will have you crying for mommy. These peppers are no joke and should only be tried by those daring (and crazy) enough. We’re trying to find out if a waiver is required for the ghost/reaper mix. Let us know if you’re brave enough to take on the #CandiedChiliChallenge

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