Christmas in the Woodshop

Christmas in the Woodshop

Better late than never I suppose. This Christmas was a bit challenging for us after getting several bouts of bad news but we were ready to face the challenges and come out better for it.

All of the pieces here feature wood sustainably sourced from the grounds of Sandy Creek Manor and can be created and modified for you. These are just a small sampling of the custom pieces we can create for you. Any black and white image can be transformed into a laser engraved work of art. For most items, lighter woods with clear coat finishes work the best for contrast but as you can see on the walnut pieces, a bold image shows up well on medium to dark grain. We can also fill the burnt area with paint on dark woods to really make the image pop.

This Christmas would see a lot of gifts made in the shop. Kristin came up with some great ideas for Sandy Creek coasters and some personalized gifts with live edge walnut. These can be customized with any black and white photos or text in nearly any custom font. The ones for family feature a classic ‘house divided’ theme with names in the schools font according to their allegiance.

Next we have a family tree type gift. This features Snoopy and the classic Peanuts font as part of a long enduring family tradition. This item features the heads of the household along with the children in tow and the grandchildren hung under their parents allowing for endless expansion. This piece is made with live edge spalted poplar and poplar branch pieces for the grandchildren. Do you have a favorite theme you’d like to turn into a great way to show off your family to guests and cherish for lifetimes? Let us know and we can work on a customized design set up just for you.

Next, an item representing a favorite memory. This landscape themed engraved photo features a winter scene of Mount Bachelor in Oregon, a favorite destination for the Papa Bear. Details of the mountain adorn the top to add an interesting aesthetic note to the piece. If you have a cherished landscape, skyline, landmark or memory you’d like immortalized we can help!

Some other items we’ve made for past gifts include the Chicago skyline. This piece was too long to be engraved in a single piece so it was done on multiple pieces then married together. Next is a sports logo for a team which shall remain un-named. Hey, not everyone has good taste. Then we have a three tiered service from cross cut log slabs covered in food grade epoxy. A sign for our honey display at Bridgtly’s Farm Market with an adjustable inlay for weekly specials, announcements or any other important information. Lastly, some gift tags and customized commercial items. We can add text of photos to personalize an item or gift.

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