Ellie’s gets her wall back

Next up we have Ellie’s room. When she was born, Ellie’s nursery was painted in neutral colors with a stencil on the wall. We had to leave that magnificent work behind when we moved to New York but we’ve finally been able to bring her wall back. Many of her original nursery design elements remain in the light fixture and dresser but, unfortunately, the furniture manufacturer went out of business so we were unable to convert the crib to a bed or purchase a nightstand. I think it’s safe to say Ellie is okay with the headboard she has now and we’re handy enough here at Sandy Creek Manor to recreate the look of the dresser into a custom nightstand. Man, Ellie, you really lucked out here.
​As you can see, the original room possessed some boldly colored wall paper and an interesting choice in carpet. Truth be told, Ellie was scared of the room when we moved in. After removing the wallpaper, the choice to cover the walls became clear. That’s a rather interesting green for a wall (at one point it was the ceiling as well). After repainting the wall and beginning work on the stencil, Kristin thought it best to relocate an outlet from the wall to the baseboard to match the rest of the room and eliminate an unsightly duplex from photos (maybe in the future we consider these design changes before the wall is painted).
​Next up, refinishing the floors. Although the carpet seems to have held up well over the years, it wasn’t exactly in the design plan. We were worried about what we would find beginning this stage since I found some vinyl tiles in the test area. I carefully took samples and sent the whole stack up (tiles, adhesive and subfloor) for asbestos testing at SEEML Labs using a test kit purchased off Amazon (https://tinyurl.com/y78ted3y). They replied with the results by the end of the week, NO ASBESTOS! I decided to give removing the tiles and ¼” mdf at the same time a go. Luckly, the subfloor stayed intact and everything came up in 2’x4’ sheets with a zillion staples poking out of the back. What should be revealed under the old floor but more beautiful hardwood! It seems we have lucked out in this house and the original floors have lasted. Unfortunately, whoever painted the walls didn’t feel like drop cloths were necessary since they were going to add new floor anyways so the floor had to be striped, stained and sealed. Still saved a lot of money over a new hardwood floor.
​We brought the furniture back in, replaced the toddler bed with a full, added new window treatments and some other décor and presented it to Ellie. She was in awe of the room and so taken aback that she spent the first night sleeping in her sister’s room. I guess she had to let the excitement run its course before attempting to get a good night’s rest in her new room.

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