Fall Endeavors

With a little help from the little beekeepers, we were able to pull in all our supers and harvest our honey. This year we hauled in about 14 gallons of honey. We had to leave quite a bit on the hives to let the bees finish capping the frames off but the weather suddenly went cold and we’ve been stopped in our tracks. Gotta love “fall” in western New York. All of our honey is for sale and we have several different sizes from small ornamental jars all the way to three pounds.
Now that the beekeeping season has wrapped up, we’re on to woodworking projects. First up, a night stand to match the existing furniture in Ellie’s room. The manufacturer or her nursery set closed up shop and we haven’t been able to find any extra inventory seeing as it’s now four years later. With a little planning and help from the best carpenters I know, the girls and I were able to put together a pretty good match. The night stand features an upper drawer complete with soft close slides and a lower book shelf. I wanted to add in a secret drawer inside the top drawer but there wasn’t enough room.
Lastly, we found a produce crate from the local farmers on the side of the road and thought it would make an excellent toy chest. A little sanding, finishing and some wheels and we’ve got a great place for Max to store (or more accurately, empty) his toys. We like the print identifying the local farm and the sides are even stamped from the sawmill right across the street!

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