Swarm Season is Upon Us

​Swarming started late this year due to the unseasonably cold weather.  We didn’t get anything in before the apple blooms disappeared but we’ve been pretty active since. So far we’ve gotten five swarm calls. We hope for more but we’re quickly running out of space.  We’ve covered swarms from Webster to Waterport and many places […]

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Bustling With Activity

​Our bees aren’t the only ones working diligently this spring, Sandy Creek Manor is a flurry of activity, or, at least, attempted activity.We begin with swarms. Swarms are the colonies method of reproducing more hives. A new queen is made for the existing colony and the old queen leaves with half the bees to start […]

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April Update

The arrival of April has not meant the departure of snow. We received another couple of inches early this month. A small reminder we are all subject to nature’s whimsy. Without the benefit of an extended forecast, it’s troubling to think how the bees cope with these wild temperature swings. Fortunately, Sandy Creek Manor is […]

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The Littlest Carpenter

I believe skilled trades are valuable for everyone to know whether you desire to pursue those as a profession or not. These skills help with your understanding of the physical world, allow you to save money on repairs for any number of items and give you great hobbies to pursue all your life. In that […]

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Spring has arrived

The grueling months of winter have finally abated. Renewal is underway and those who have endured and survived the hardships of wind, snow and the winter freeze are rewarded for their perseverance. The early spring bloomers are popping up throughout Sandy Creek Manor and our bees are hard at work replenishing their stores. Take a […]

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winter storm stella

As if 81 mph winds and multiple trees down wasn’t enough, less than a week later we got hit by winter’s last gasp. After enduring the longest stretch of temperatures below freezing, mother nature decided to hit us with 20+ inches of snow. Our girls seem to have weathered the storm well and initial indications […]

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March wind Storms

On Wednesday March 8th we had some outstanding storms in the area. Winds were clocked at a maximum of 81 mph in Rochester. We have a significant number of trees down. A couple in particular had some of our hives as a target. Luckily, they fell 5 feet short of our girls. We’ve begun cleanup […]

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