Halloween at Sandy Creek

Pumpkins of Fun

The weather is turning, the leaves are changing, there’s a fright in the air. It’s pumpkin carving season at Sandy Creek. What Halloween would be complete without some jack-o-lanterns carved up by the kiddos. The girls dove right in scooping pumpkin guts out and flinging them everywhere (sorry mommy).

Turns out not everyone was thrilled with the activities. Max was interested in what the girls were doing but wanted nothing to do with the activity itself. Those pumpkin guts did not feel very good between his fingers. Like the wonderful big sister she is, Ellie encouraged Max to participate but in the end, he was satisfied with being a spectator.

Alice wanted her pumpkin to be happy while Ellie wanted hers to be the scariest on the block (notice the stitches on the face). We promise neither bite…. hard.

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