The Littlest Carpenter

I believe skilled trades are valuable for everyone to know whether you desire to pursue those as a profession or not. These skills help with your understanding of the physical world, allow you to save money on repairs for any number of items and give you great hobbies to pursue all your life. In that spirit, I regularly enlist the help of my wonderfully inquisitive daughters in my restoration and woodworking endeavors.
Little Ellinor, 3 years old, helped me to refurbish a desk built off a 1925 patent. The patent act of 1836 made patents active for 14 years. That means this desk dates anywhere between 1925 and 1939. This is the second school desk we have finished and they will be lovingly used by Ellinor and Alice from now through their primary school years for art and homework.
Not finished yet, Ellinor wanted to help with the fabrication, staining and assembly of a step stool for her grandmother. She always enjoys using the power drill because it’s not too noisy and has fun “painting” any chance she gets.
Her final reward, Ellie got to build a bank kit from the Lowe’s Build and Grow series. She has her own 4oz hammer and only gave me a couple good whacks in the thumb during assembly. She was so proud when she finished she showed everyone, including taking it to preschool for Show and Share.

One thought on “The Littlest Carpenter

  1. You’ve come a long way Scott. And I admire your skills that you are teaching your children. They will be successful in life!


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